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Franke Sinfonia Two Step

Franke Sinfonia Two Step Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $18,750.00
Shipping Weight: 135.00 pounds
Franke Sinfonia Two Step See All Franke

See All Commercial Super-Automatic


Width: 19 in
Height: 31 in
Depth: 24 in

Franke’s most powerful super automatic machine, the Sinfonia can brew 120 double shots of espresso per hour. The 2-Step features a fully automatic brewing system, making it easy to use for anyone, and it also includes a manual steam wand to satisfy quality standards of professional baristas. Plus, the Sinfonia comes with free installation and training from certified technicians, as well as a comprehensive 1-Year Preventative Maintenance Program to replace worn parts and extend the life of your machine.

The Sinfonia 2-Step features fully automatic brewing functions that are easily accessible through the control buttons. Since it comes with Franke’s optimized brewing presets, users must only choose a coffee drink and watch as the Sinfonia grinds, tamps and brews. To steam and froth, simply press the steam button and prepare a pitcher of milk any way you want it. Although the Sinfonia is designed for simplicity, learning the nuances of proper steaming and frothing can take time and practice. Users can be directed to the following article for a detailed description of the frothing process, but hands-on training is a must for the best results.


Steam Wand: Franke’s Autosteam system puts world-class frothing and steaming at your fingertips. The multi-directional stainless steel frothing wand has a built-in temperature probe to stop frothing when your milk temperature reaches 160oF, so you get fast, consistent drinks every time. With a precision steam wand and an independent hot water dispenser, you’re in full control of the Sinfonia’s hot water system and steaming potential.

Programming Options: With a user-friendly design, the Sinfonia’s different settings can be easily programmed at the control panel. Pressing the “shift” key gives you access to each button’s additional function, and all operating steps are clearly shown on the illuminated graphic display. Once programmed, the Sinfonia stores your selections in the machine’s electronic chip-card and can easily be restored to the default settings at any time. And, the Sinfonia features a secondary drink menu screen, giving you an entirely new set of drink options for decaf or specialty coffees.

Grinder Capacity/Grind Settings: The Sinfonia features 2 low-noise burr grinders that are capable of producing consistent grinds under the most demanding conditions. Each grinder is equipped with a high-capacity bean hopper that can hold more than 2.8 lbs of coffee to keep up with the high output capabilities of the Sinfonia. Made of sturdy transparent plastic, bean levels can be monitored without opening the hoppers, so production can continue without interruption.

Cup Warmer: A built-in cup warmer gives you additional storage space and ensures each cup maintains maximum temperature stability. The Sinfonia can also be upgraded to include an integrated cup-warming unit that can accommodate the busiest venues with storage space for up to 80 cups.

Electrical Options: The Franke Sinfonia comes with a 220v plug.


  • The Sinfonia 2-Step is equipped with 2 high-grade stainless steel boilers for consistent temperatures under the most rigorous circumstances.

  • Brew boiler capacity:1.2 liters

  • Steam boiler capacity: 2.9 liters

  • Like all of our Sinfonia models, the 2-Step can grind, tamp and brew at the touch of a button.

  • The Autosteam system gives you full control over the frothing and steaming process with a multi-directional, stainless steel frothing wand that lives up to the expectations of top baristas.

  • 8 programmable, dual functioning buttons allow you to customize up to 28 different coffee drinks.

  • 2 precision, low noise burr grinders provide a faster, more consistent grind.

  • The Sinfonia connects directly to a water line for non-stop production.

  • With an adjustable dispensing unit, the Sinfonia can be brew into cups up to 7” tall.

  • With the purchase of the Sinfonia 2-Step, you wil recieve free professional installation, start-up training, and a 1-Year Preventative Maintenance Program.

  • NSF and UL approvals ensure compliance with health regulations.

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