Do you need One step or Two step automatic espresso machine?

A One-step machine only requires the push of a single button. One-step machines automatically grind, tamp, extract espresso, and automatically steam and froth milk at the push of a single button. All you have to do is put your cup under the delivery spout and push the button that determines your desired beverage size. No staff training or experience required and ideal for self service applications. A side milk cooler is required for a one step super automatic espresso machine. A Two-step machine does everything as a one step machine does, with exception of the milk aspects of making drinks. Two step machines require the user to steam the milk using the built in manual or Auto-Steam wand. The operator is required to place a steam pitcher with milk and directly insert the steam wand into the milk located in the steam pitcher. The operator must determine if they are foaming cappuccino and/or latte milk with different characteristics and production techniques that are required. This is determined by the method, technique and the type of milk that is being manually steamed by a push of a steam button, if this feature is available on the machine with an “auto steam wand probe” model. The operator then must pour the correct amount of steamed and/or frothed milk into the desired beverage size cup and place that cup under the machines brewing head and push the espresso button to complete the desired beverage production process.- hence the “Two step machine” processing. Operator training and experience are required.
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