WMF 5000S (03.1910.1002)

WMF 5000S (03.1910.1002)

WMF 5000S (03.1910.1002)


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Width: 13 in
Depth: 28 in
Height: 24 in

From the classic espresso to the latte macchiato, coffee speciality trends come from Italy. With the WMF Presto you get the authentic Italian taste as well. The unique barista button now makes it even easier to satisfy your clients' individual requirements. Simply press the touch screen button to have the next coffee prepared stronger of weaker as your client desires.

In addition the pre-heater function ensures that even after an extended idle time, the next espresso is always as hot. All the parts in contact with the coffee are heated to the correct temperature on command. With the WMF presto you always get a perfect coffee... as made by a barista.

Good coffee is an important cultural asset, and good coffee from the atmospheric WMF Presto coffee machine is a real highlight. Sources of light in different colors strike a unique note in the cafe, on the bar or even at the office.


  • LCD Display

  • Perfect Coffee Specialties

  • Drink Strength Settings Altered for the individual

  • Pre-heater function warms the pipes before the coffee is brewed

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Instant Milk & Chocolate Options

  • Variety of color options

  • SteamJet brings every cup to the correct temperature

  • Sleek Dimensions

  • Large coffee hoppers and dishwasher proof

  • Automatic cleaning and Descaling functions

  • Technical Specifications:

    Model# 03.1900.1002:
    Easy Milk

    1-step, 2 bean powder hopper
    1 milk type, 80-100 cappucinos/lattes per hour (16 oz), 8 min. automated cleaning cycle Simple Clean technology Recommended daily average output 140-160 cups
    Recommended cup sizes 8-20oz
    2 grinders (Regular & Decaf)
    1 powder Hopper
    Hot water outlet
    Multiple Drink sizes
    1 Year or 40,000 drinks warranty (see warranty details) Options
    Refrigerating unit is required for fresh milk (see Coolers & Accessories for pricing)