La San Marco 85 Practical E

La San Marco 85 Practical E

La San Marco 85 Practical E


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Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 19 in
Width: 15 in
Depth: 22 in
Weight: 86 lbs


Electric: Voltage 110, Amperage 16, Wattage of Heat Element 1750

Simplicity, efficiency and reliability define the 85 Series, a classic line of traditional espresso machines. The La San Marco New 85 Series includes both 85 S (Semi-Auto) and 85 E (Automatic) models that have been cornerstones in the building of the La San Marco name as a global leader in espresso machine manufacturing. Extremely durable, these machines thrive on high volume heavy-duty output. Easy to use and maintain, many significant multi-unit operators rely on the 85 Series to drive successful specialty coffee venues across the nation and around the globe.


  • Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine-With 1 brewer head

  • Oversized Nickel plated Copper boiler - Copper for resiliency, flexibility and heat conductivity - Nickel plate for added strength, longevity and purity.

  • Super-fast TOGGLE steam and water control valves providing remarkable speed and ease of use.

  • Super efficient heat exchange system supplies the brew heads with fresh, clean, continuous running water.

  • Dedicated Fresh Water Heat Exchanger The longer water is held at high temperature the more likely it will experience reduced oxygenation. Just as in tea brewing, the best espresso is made with fresh, cold water brought quickly to temperature and used to brew immediately.

  • The flowmeter is a vital electronic component of any espresso machine's brewing system. Hot water flowmeters can easily pick up scale resulting in inaccurate shots and the need for professional servicing. La San Marco.provides a cold-water system to produce consistent, clean and accurate shots.

  • Full-Size Rotary Pump, Made for heavy-duty espresso production, long life and ease of service. External pumps are repairable without removing side panels on the machine.

  • La San Marco heads have the heaviest and thickest group head diffuser made for espresso machines. These diffusers will not warp over time and maintain good seals for consistent water distribution over the group heads, producing a better shot of espresso.

  • One head espresso diffuser, with frothing wand for cappuccino.