Marcuzzi Historic Athenea

Marcuzzi Historic Athenea

Marcuzzi Historic Athenea


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Height: 32 in
Width: 11 in
Depth: 15 in
Weight: 45 lbs

  • Automatic machine provided with volumetric pumping engine, built-in. 100% professional.

  • Auto-level electronic device with cover-element.

  • Water and Steam tap (Professional).

  • Distribution group/s provided with direct and professional preinfusion chamber, with electrovalve.

  • Copper boiler of 1.7 ltrs. with heat interchanger as the professional one and cleaning valve.

  • Connection to water network built-in.

  • 1200 W. Element.

  • Magnetic decalcification inside (advisable to put the water already decalcify).

  • Switchboards with microprocessor to control the coffee dosages volumetrically boiler's automatic load.

  • Group authocleaning, control of the distributed coffees.

  • Programmation for the 4 different group dosages.

  • Auto-clean group program.

  • Data reader (OPTIONAL), by RS-232 connection.

  • Luxurious finish with fine materials (copper, bonze), lacquered and embossed.

  • Equipment:

    1 Cup Handeler
    1 Spring
    1 Coffee filter for one cup
    1 Coffee filter for two cups
    1 Cup outlet for two cups

    Vol. / Hz.
    110 / 60
    220 / 50


    Skeg filter(H17, H19)