Marcuzzi Elegance 2 Group

Marcuzzi Elegance 2 Group

Marcuzzi Elegance 2 Group


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Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 20 in
Width: 28 in
Depth: 23 in
Weight: 133 lbs

Description: 2 Group Automatic Traditional Espresso Machine.

  • Semiautomatic-electronic machine with built-in pump and engine. With double retention valve and solid particles filter.

  • Switchboards with microprocessor to control the coffee dosages volumetrically boiler's authomatic load. Group authocleaning, control of the distributed coffees, reading data (OPTIONAL) through connection RS-232. Programmation for the 4 different group dosages.

  • With the red press buttons we have another options to work in semiautomatic.

  • Copper boiler with heat interchanger per group and cleaning valve.

  • The 2 group model is provided with one tap for water and another for steam. Models of 3 and 4 groups are provided with two steams taps and one water tap.

  • Provided with a tap to empty the boiler and outlet tube cleaning.

  • Distribution group/s provided with direct preinfusion chamber (registered exclusive system).