Rancilio Classe 7 E2 Com Tall

Rancilio Classe 7 E2 Com Tall

Rancilio Classe 7 E2 Com Tall


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Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 21 in
Width: 24 in
Depth: 20 in
Weight: 122 lbs

Classe 7 is an essential, versatile machine made from tough materials, such as aluminium and steel, so it is very sturdy and reliable. Available in a 2-group compact version, or with 2 and 3 groups and also in a Tall version.Electronic control and automatic dosing for practical preparation with consistent results.

The machine has a hot water dispenser with programmable time-controlled dosing. Classe 7 has an ergonomic lighting system in the work area to make the barista's job easier plus chrome group covers and all the distinctive stylish accessories from the Rancilio range.


  • Independent heat exchangers

  • Built-in volumetric pump

  • Boiler pressure gauge

  • Automatic water level control

  • Reduction of 2/3 of maximum power

  • Electronic boiler temperature-pressure control

  • Available in Tall Version**

  • 1 filter holder for 2 cups per group

  • 1 filter holder for 1 cup

  • 2 steam wands

  • 1 hot water dispenser with programmable time-controlled dosing

  • Coffee tamper

  • Measuring scoop

  • Cleaning discs

  • Leveling feet

  • Stainless steel and grey painted aluminum panels

  • 15 lt boiler

  • **Tall Version - Designed specifically for the preparation of coffee drinks served in tall glasses. The support surface is located at a lower level than on the standard model, allowing glasses up to 5 and ½ inches in height to be used. A special extractable ledge allows Italian espressos to be prepared on the TALL model as well, with the cups at the correct distance from the group. On the TALL version, the length of the iSteam automatic steam wand has been modified for use with this version, allowing it to be used with large pitchers as well.

    Technical Data:

    Boiler Power: 3200 W (120 V)-3000 W
    Voltage: 120/ 220-240/ 380-415 3N


    Automatic or manual DP water softener
    MD dosing grinder
    Interchangable side panels