WMF 1400 (USED)

WMF 1400 (USED)

WMF 1400 (USED)


Product Details

WMF 1400 Classic

The WMF1400 Classic is a fully automatic speciality coffee machine and perfectly designed for the average needEight different Classic models with special fitting makes it possible to produce variants of coffee classics to coffee specialities with milk foam. Each WMF1400 Classic features a touch display, automatic cleaning program, beverage registration, hot water dispenser, dry discharge and LED lighting. Available with 4.5 liter flexible water tank or fixed water connection - the WMF1400 Classic is not interior to its big sisters in terms of quality and comfort! The coffee machine demonstrated the fact that it also looks good at one of the world’s largest design competitions.



  • LCD Display
  • Water Tank Model
  • Perfect Coffee Specialties
  • Drink Strength Settings Altered for the individual
  • Pre-heater function warms the pipes before the coffee is brewed
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Instant Milk & Chocolate Options
  • Variety of color options
  • Double Milk Frother (2 Milk Drinks at once)
  • Slim build (A little wider than an A4 sheet)
  • Height adjustable spout
  • Large coffee grounds box
  • Pre-ground coffee port for decaffeinated
  • Full audit facility
  • Automatic cleaning and Descaling functions
  • Hand fill or Mains Water Supply

    LED Colour Features:

    You can set the LED front panel lights to any colour to match the mood. From white to blue to red.