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Dimensions and Weight:

Height: 13 in
Width: 11 in
Depth: 9 in
Weight: 30 lbs

Body Material: Stainless steel

The Rancilio Silvia is a machine with a reputation, and it's all good. One of the most discussed specialty espresso machines on the market, the Silvia has legions of fans, and with good cause: it is one of the best "single boiler" machines on the market, bar none. From the professional portafilter to the large brass boiler, from the no nonsense controls up front to the ample steaming power, the Silvia is a machine that will deliver first rate espresso to the true enthusiast for years and years.

Heavy Duty Pump System from Start to Finish
The Silvia uses a 48-watt Ulka Electromagnetic vibratory pump that provides the exact pressures needed to deliver perfect espresso. The lines from the pump, to the boiler, and from the boiler to the grouphead are all commercial grade items, with a big, beefy piece of cast brass helping to complete the trip. Other machines may feel the need to advertise their BAR rating; the Silvia doesn't have to - it's a given the machine has the power to spare.

No Nonsense Controls
The Silvia features commercial-grade rocker switches with integrated indicator lights. Located in the center on the face of the machine is the main power switch. When the machine is first turned on, the orange light adjacent to the switch will illuminate. The light will remain illuminated until the machine is at operating temperature for brewing espresso, or the dispensing of hot water. On the left side of the control panel are the controls for brewing espresso (top), dispensing hot water (middle), and steam activation (bottom).

To start the flow of espresso, simply push the coffee brew switch, then push it again to stop the flow. Hot water is dispensed from the steam wand by pushing the hot water switch and opening the steam valve (located on the lower right side of the control panel). To enter the steam mode, push the steam switch, wait for the orange light to go out (indicating the proper temperature), and then open the steam valve to dispense steam.

Straightforward Powerful Steaming
The Rancilio doesn't come with froth-aiders or steaming gimmicks. Instead it features a single hole, chrome plated, brass steam wand that pushes out ample amounts of steam, which is capable of getting 7 ounces of milk up to proper temperatures in under 35 seconds. With the Silvia, you don't get gimmicks or helpers - you get a serious, powerful machine that helps you become a serious, skilled Barista.

Quality Brass Parts
Inside the Silvia you see something akin to more pro-consumer and commercial grade machines: brass everywhere. The Silvia uses a brass boiler, brass lines, and chromed brass grouphead to help maintain proper heat distribution so crucial to producing perfect espresso.

Commercial Grouphead
The well-designed grouphead for the Silvia was influenced by Rancilio's commercial line of espresso machines. Solid brass and chrome plating offer good temperature stability and consistent shots of espresso, not to mention durability. The filter screen evenly disperses water over the coffee grounds for proper extraction.

Large Brass Boiler
It features one of the biggest boilers in the consumer marketplace - 10.5 ounces filled to the rim. This has many benefits for the consumer - better temperature stability, quicker recycling times, and when that boiler gets up to steaming temperatures, you'll think you have an old style steam locomotive in your kitchen.

Commercial-Grade Portafilter and Filter Baskets
The Silvia ships with a heavy chrome plated portafilter and two commercial sized 58 mm filter baskets - the exact same ones used in the Rancilio commercial line.

Removable Water Reservoir
This machine features a 67 oz. capacity removable water reservoir that can be filled while the machine is operating, or removed for filling at the sink.

Heated Cup Stacking Surface
On top of the Silvia, there is a polished stainless steel cup-stacking surface that is heated. If you're serious about being a skilled home barista, you will know that having warmed cups is a prerequisite to perfect espresso, and the Silvia handles this job effortlessly.

Removable Drip & Cup Tray
The drip pan and cup tray are made of stainless steel, and they are removable for easy cleaning.

Stainless Steel Casing
One look at the Silvia's outer hull and you know you own a serious espresso machine. No fancy designs or accruements for the Silvia - just brushed stainless steel, everywhere.

Instant Hot Water
This machine can replace your kettle under most circumstances with its hot water on demand feature. Simply activate the hot water switch and open the steam knob to get hot water instantly. Use hot water for making tea, Americanos, or other hot beverages.

Pressure Release System
Just like the commercial machines, the Rancilio Silvia features a three-way solenoid valve that instantly releases any built up pressure in the portafilter once you complete an espresso shot. This allows for instant reloading of the machine for another shot, and no mess or fuss when removing the portafilter.

Safety System
The Silvia is equipped with three thermostats, including one specifically used to prevent the boiler from overheating if the machine is left unattended for long periods of time.

Two stainless steel filter baskets for making either single or double shots of espresso, coffee tamper, measuring spoon, and an instruction manual.