Dual Water Filter System

Dual Water Filter System

Dual Water Filter System


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Width: 9 in
Height: 18 in
Depth: 4 in

Also Available QUAD  filter systems


Espresso machines require water with virtually no scaling minerals to operate reliably and efficiently. In the past, operators have used softeners that had to have salt manually added periodically. Most often this was overlooked, simply because of the inconvenience, until the repair man was presenting the bill for descaling the boiling chamber. The Dual Water Filter System eliminates the messy and time-consuming task of pouring salt, backwashing and rinsing. In less than a minute the dual filter softening and taste/odor cartridges are changed and the system is back in service.


  • The dual water filter system uses the proven performance of softening resin to remove scaling minerals
  • The disposable resin cartridges are easily replaced by the restaurant personnel
  • The “Twist-Off” filter body makes cartridge changes fast and sanitary
  • Dual media cartridge also contains carbon to remove chlorine, off-taste and odor


  • Greatly reduces operator repair and downtime expense
  • Eliminates messy salt regeneration
  • Minimal interruption of espresso machine function and service to the consumer
  • Maximizes espresso machine earning potenial
  • Ensures consistant beverage quality