Rancilio 2 Group Class 7 Tall Full Size

Rancilio 2 Group Class 7 Tall Full Size

Rancilio 2 Group Class 7 Tall Full Size


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Product Description

Refresh your cafe with the quick-heat design and simple operation of the Rancilio Classe 7 USB Espresso Machine. Designed for shops with high demand for lattes and cappuccinos, the Classe 7's respectably-sized steam boiler and outsized heating element offer unparalleled recovery time for high-volume steaming. The Classe 7's focus on steam supply is accompanied with barista-saving accouterments like curved, grippy portafilters, auto-volumetric shot programming, and Rancilio's patented C-lever steam controls, which offer weatherable control in an easy-to-reach location.

Features and Functionality:

  • 6000-watt Element, larger than your average commercial heating element at this boiler size, the Classe 7 touts quick heat-up times and fantastic recovery for those busy mornings.
  • C-Lever Steam Control-No knobs here! The front-face mounted steam wand controls are deigned with barista wrists in mind, offering quality ergonomics for long shifts.
  • Digital Display - Get quick access to shot counts, volumetric controls and maintenance programs.
  • Volumetric Programming- Add shot-to-shot consistency, even with brand-new baristas at the helm.
  • Tall Configuration- Tall configurations bring cup clearance up to 5.7 inches.
  • Quick Heat - The gargantuan heating element in the boiler grants speedy steam and best-in-class recovery for back-to-back milk drinks.
  • LCD Display - A nice touch, the screen gives you access to useful stats like daily and total shot life shot timers and pressure settings.
  • Clever Levers - The featherable, transverse-mounted steam levers offer easy to control and comfort for all-day use.
  • No Cold Water Mixing Valve - The hot water spout pulls directly from the steam boiler. Expect regular wipe-downs and too-hot Americanos.
  • Group Covers - Visually, we're not big fans of the large, plastic covers over the brew heads.
Height 21 inches
Width 2 Group 31 inches; 3 Group 40 inches
Depth 22 inches
Watts 6000 W
Volts 220 V
Boiler Volume 2 Group 11 L; 3 Group 16 L



    • Run backflush programs daily.
    • Wipe down drip tray and case regularly.