Franke Pura Pronto

Franke Pura Pronto

Franke Pura Pronto


Product Details

Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 28 in
Width: 13 in
Depth: 24 in
Weight: 66

Five dimensions of simplicity to let your business prosper; ease of use, ease of enjoyment, ease of maintenance, ease of flexibility and ease of doing business.

The Franke Pure is simplicity itself when it comes to coffee making. The concept behind the coffee machine simplifies beverage choice and enhances overall ease of use. The Pura also offers exceptional value for your money. The all-in-one solution is the perfect choice for professionals- ideal for fine dining, catering/canteen, take away and office environments. The Pura is the right option for establishments seeking to offer more than standard black and white coffee beverages.

The Pura Pronto lets you make coffee creations in a brand new dimension with powdered milk and chocolate. The machine prepares two different powders using the innovative Twist + Taste Technology. These are prepared in two separate mixing chambers, preventing tastes from being mixed. Press a button, and seconds later you get the finest milk-based froth that tastes just as good as if it were made with fresh milk. The dual powder dispenser for milk and chocolate powder is located between two hoppers. Both containers are easy to remove for filling and cleaning. The advanced cleaning concept ensures the highest standards of hygiene.


  • Clean + Clever System for easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Individualized product programming for a wide range of beverages

  • Time saving during cleaning and maintenance with ease-to-remove brewing unit and mixing chamber drawer as well as a modular design and user-led guide for servicing

  • Appealing design and personalized illumination to suit any modern setting

  • Intuitive user guide and the latest touch panel technology for any modern setting

  • Clear product ovefiew featuring personalized colored symbols and text displays (4,6, or 8 product buttons, pre-selection, choice of language, etc.)

  • Minimum maintenance requirements and overheads

  • Energy saving Green+Gentle concept

  • Profitable long-term investment delivering excellent value for your money

  • Proven grinding and brewing technologies ensure perfect coffee

  • Attractive and versitile product range featuring 32 programmable beverages

  • Revolutionary Twist+Taste Technology ensures sublime enjoyment thanks to the perfect blends of powdered milk and/or chocolate

  • Compact 13 in footprint saves valuable counter space

  • Professional installation and 1 year periodic maintenance program

  • Included 24/7/365 customer support program

  • Power: 208-240V/30A

  • Technical Data:

    Product Output per hour

    Ristretto: 120
    Espresso: 120
    Coffee: 120
    Milk Coffee: 120
    Cappuccino: 120
    Latte Macchiato: 80
    Hot water: 20 lt
    Cold milk: 120
    Hot milk: 80
    Chocolate (Instant): 80