Seaga CA11

Seaga CA11

Seaga CA11


Product Details

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Height: 28 in
Width: 22 in
Depth: 23 in

With two product trays the 11 Column can offer a large variety of product to your customers, while its compact size is perfect for tabletop vending!


  • Slide out service shelf which cuts stocking time by up to 20%

  • Mechanical design means it is never "Out of Order"

  • Vending a variety of different products

  • Compact size allows for more mobility and locations

  • Holds up to an amazing 133 items, despise compact size

  • Flexible helix coils are easily changed to accommadate a variety of package sizes

  • Welded steel construction means a lifetime of reliable operation

  • Steel locks- multiple combinations available

  • Theft Gaurd metal coin mechanisms for reliablity and security

  • Despite the compact size holds up to 133 items

  • Flexible helix coils can easily be changed by the operator to accommodate any package size

  • Capacities:

    Maximum capacity: 133 items
    Factory standard: 105 items