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The Gene Cafe's unique controls allow for manual adjustments for time and temperature during the roast cycle. The off-axis glass roast chamber allows for maximum visibility during the roast cycle. The chaff collector not only does a great job of sucking up chaff but has a vent attachment for dryer duct tubing to make the roaster nearly smoke free.

The Gene Cafe has a half pound batch capacity and uses a unique off-axis rotation with a hot air heat source. The roast is easy to observe due to the glass roast chamber, and the controls make it easy to modify the time or temperature throughout the roast. It features an oversized chaff collector that can deal with the most chaff-heavy coffees and it can be connected to dryer duct tubing to vent the smoke out a window. The roaster is extremely quiet compared to air machines, and even compared to other drum roasters.

We have carried this machine since May 2006, it has performed well and the manual is very thourough. We were impressed with this machine from the start. Click here for the Gene Cafe Owners Manual. Click here for the full Gene Cafe details page.  The machine has CE approval - which is like UL for Europe.

Every roaster we sell ships with a tip sheet. Download the Gene Cafe Tip Sheet Here.

Please NEVER leave your roaster unattended while roasting.


Batch Size8 oz (230 grams) yielding 6.8 oz.(190 grams) of roasted coffee
ControlTwo control knobs for temperature and time
Roast Time15-20 minutes
Heating SourceElectric heating element. Convection roasting with off-axis mechanical drum agitation.
Dimensions19" x 10" x 9"
Volts/Watts110v / 1300w
Weight16 pounds
ProsThe roast is easy to observe; The controls give you full control over the roast; The chaff collector handles the most chaff-laden coffees and allows for easy venting outdoors with a dryer vent attachment.
ConsInternal cooling means include coasting in your roast time. Metal parts in the roast chamber bang while moving making the cracks difficult to hear.
Warranty1 year manufacturer's warranty. Must send to US importer for repair after warranty. Parts available from the importer outside warranty.