Marcuzzi Office Leva

Marcuzzi Office Leva

Marcuzzi Office Leva


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Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 17 in
Width: 11 in
Depth: 17 in
Weight: 45 lbs

The Marcuzzi Office Leva espresso machines is a welcome addition to the Marcuzzi line. Its traditional styling, compact size, and commercial strength make this a leading competitor in the semi-automatic lever operated espresso machines. The commercial style copper boiler has all the features that are found on larger commercial machines. It allows simultaneous brewing and steaming, enabling smooth operation. It has both a steam wand and hot water dispensing wand that adjust laterally so that they can swing in either direction for easy access. With commercial capabilities its size makes it convenient for those who want great espresso without sacrificing a large amount of counter space. The E61 brew group provides pre-infusion and a thermal siphon for maximum temperature stability and aroma extraction. The eye catching highly polished steel housing is as durable as is it beautiful. The accessories include a chrome plated brass portafilter, tamper, single shot filter basket, double shot filter basket, backflush disc and a 7 gram coffee scoop.


  • The portafilter is commercially designed and made of chrome-plated brass.
  • Large 1.8-liter copper boiler with brass end plate

  • Low water sensor mounted in the water reservoir that will turn off all power to the boiler if the water level gets to low.

  • Boiler temperature/pressure is controlled through a pressure controller.

  • Passive cup warmer 10" x 10" located on the top of the machine.

  • Separate hot water dispenser.

  • 2.75-liter reservoir may be removed for cleaning.

  • Polished steel housing, cup warmer and front panel.

  • Stainless steel drip grate and drip pan.

  • Heavy powder coated steel frame and chrome plated brass brew group.

  • Direct Water and Tank

  • 110 V 1200 Watt


    Back flush the Marcuzzi Office Leva at least every 7-9 days. It is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. Put a blank filter basket into the portafilter (supplied) and add a tablespoon of cleaner. Install the portafilter into the machine and turn the control lever up to start the pump. The pump will be noisy as it starts and will quiet down as the pressure builds. When the pump has quieted down, turn the lever all the way down. This will cause the cleaner to be blown up into the brew group, through the three-way valve, and down into the drip pan. Do this until the cleaner that is being directed into the drip pan is just free of coffee colors. Finish the process by rinsing out the brew group.