Nuova Simonelli Musica Black (pour over)

Nuova Simonelli Musica Black (pour over)

Nuova Simonelli Musica Black (pour over)


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Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 17 in
Width: 13 in
Depth: 16 in
Weight: 44 pounds


True Electronic Pre-Infusion:
The Nuova Simonelli Musica brews espresso with the highly-coveted pre-infusion brewing system. Pre-infusion means that the coffee grounds are allowed to soak for a moment before the full brewing cycle begins. This creates a richer extraction and minimizes bitterness. As described by Nuova Simonelli technicians: At the end of every shot or auto-fill cycle the pump continues to run for a couple of seconds, so as to keep the hydraulic circuit "charged." When you pull a shot, the pump and valve are energized, then the pump cuts out for about 3 seconds, then resumes for the remainder of the shot. During this preinfusion, the solenoid valve has power to it the whole time, so that it does not exhaust during the preinfusion.

Automatic Espresso Dosing:
With the Nuova Simonelli Musica, you can program your favorite ristretto or espresso sizes, and it will automatically stop brewing when that volume has been dispensed. This is a great feature for a small coffee shop that wants to minimize employee training. The Musica feature 1 cup, 2 cup, and continuous brew buttons, all of which can be set to exact sizes. The Music even allows you to lock out others from accidentally reprogramming these settings. It is recommended that you own or purchase a grinder, such as the Grinta or comparable espresso grinder to complement your new Oscar. Like a commercial espresso machine, the Nuova Simonelli Musica requires a precise grind setting to brew that sought after "God shot" of perfect crema topped espresso.

Brew Espresso And Steam/Froth Milk Simultaneously:
The Nuova Simonelli Musica provides unlimited steam power and excellent thermal brewing stability thanks to the its insulated and energy saving 2 liter heat exchanger boiler. There are no buttons to push to make the Oscar heat up for steaming; it is always ready. Simply pull down on the ergonomic steam handle and powerful, dry steam will come pouring out the commercial 4-Hole tip at the end of the stainless steel steam wand. Steam 8 oz of milk in about 30 seconds or use the Musica to froth 20 ounces in no time at all.

Programmable Hot Water Dispensing:
Make Americanos and brew tea with 100% fresh hot water with the Nuova Simonelli Musica's hot water wand. A simple press of the button, and fresh tank (or plumbing, optional) water will flow through the heat exchanger line and be flash-heated before dispensing right into your cup. Using the digital LCD menu, you can program the water to automatically stop after your desired amount has been dispensed.

High Capacity Heat Exchanger (HX) Boiler with Pressure Guage:
The power plant behind the Nuova Simonelli Musica is its insulated 2 L copper heat exchanger boiler. This design is found inside the vast majority of commercial espresso machines and consists of the horizontally-seated main boiler housing with an enclosed water pipe running through it. When the boiler reaches operating temperature with its robust 1200 Watt heating element, it is about half full of super heated water and half full of pressurized dry steam. The brewing water passes through the enclosed pipe and is flash heated to the optimum temperature. Nuova Simonelli built the Musica with this technology because it provides temperature stability and gives you unlimited, powerful steam.

Commercial Sirai Pressurestat and Vacuum Breaker Valve:
The Musica's boiler temperature is regulated by the same resilient sirai pressurestat that Nuova installs in their 2, 3, and 4-Group commercial espresso machines. In addition, the boiler is wrapped with a half inch of insulation to reduce energy consumption and save you money. The front-mounted pressure guage reads out the steam pressure and allows you to accurately adjust the brewing temperature by raising or lowering the pressure. This is important because some espresso blends prefer higher temperatures than others. The Musica also features a key component not present on its little brother, the Oscar: a vacuum-breaker valve. A vacuum breaker valve allows you to startup the machine from room temperature without having to open the steam valve to equalize the pressure. This is mainly a convenience, but a nice one in our opinion.

High Capacity Water Tank or Direct Plumbing Available:
The Nuova Simonelli Musica is available with either a 3 liter removable water tank or direct connect plumbable model (black only). This tank can also be refilled without removing it. Simply flip open the top door and pour in fresh cold water. The direct connect model hooks up to your existing plumbing (for installation requirements click here).

Commercial Grade Brew Group:
Nuova Simonelli hits a home run with the thermo-compensated commercial brew group they installed in the Musica. The Musica has all the necessary components here to create the perfect brewing environment for espresso. The brew group is made from a casting of marine grade brass which offers the industry's best heat conducting and corrosion resistant material. The engineers at Nuova built this brew group to allow the heat exchanger line from the boiler to passively recirculate so that it is always ready to brew. They also included the coveted 3-Way solenoid valve which not only prevents excessive pressure but also releases built-up pressure at the end of brewing to dry the espresso puck and keep it from dripping.

Two Commercial Portafilter Handles:
Nouva Simonelli packages the Musica with not one, but 2 commercial grade and size portafilters for brewing your espresso. Included are 1 single spout and 1 double spout portafilter along with the 58 mm stainless steel single and double shot filter baskets. These are the same tilted-handled portafilters that come with the Award-winning Aurelia. Each portafilter weighs over 20 ounces and is cast from heavy duty marine grade brass and then chrome plated for long-lasting durability and an easy-to-clean finish. When you lock the portafilter into the brew group, it is pressed against a heavy duty rubber gasket that creates the proper seal for pressurized brewing. In addition, the Nuova Simonelli Musica comes with a blank portafilter basket for the highly important back-flushing process that cleans the brew group and solenoid.

Boiler Protection Features:
To ensure long life and protection against over heating and burnout, Nuova Simonelli built the Musica's boiler with a safety feature called Auto-Refill. This system keeps an eye on the water level in the boiler and when the level falls below a certain point, the computer controlled water level system automatically adds more water. If the machine should run out of water and the Auto Fill system was unable to refill the boiler, the computer will automatically turn the machine off to prevent overheating and damage to the heating element. What’s more, the Musica boiler features an over pressure relief valve and thermal reset switch, which serve as backups to the boiler pressure regulating system.

Durable Construction:
The Musica's powder-coated steel frame is wrapped in a lovely stainless steel body that some say resembles a harp when viewed from the side. The polished face and top are easy to clean and add to the beauty. The front and top edges feature either a black plastic or opaque LED-backlit trim. The black trim makes the Musica really look sharp, but the LED trim will catch everyone's attention and can even be shut off to save power. Its drip tray comes with a punch-out disk for hooking up a direct drip tray drainage line, and it can already hold a full liter of waste water. On the top of the unit, you can store up to 12 cups that will become warm from the radiant heat off the boiler.

Warranty And Support:
Nuova Simonelli has built the Musica to last a lifetime and they back it with a 2 year warranty! The first year is a full one year parts and labor warranty serviced through JL Hufford. Nuova Simonelli now also includes a second year parts-only warranty for service at any Nuova Simonelli authorized repair center. The first year of service contract includes free labor at JL Hufford's service facility and covers internal parts excluding replaceable parts such as the group head gasket, portafilter basket, and shower screen. Any damage resulting from abuse, misuse, mishandling, lack of maintenance, or catastrophe will not be covered. Nuova also offers amazing telephone technical support. Their staff is both knowledgeable and friendly. In addition all Nuova Simonelli espresso equipment is backed by JL Hufford's 30 Day Satisfaction Policy.