Seaga Rubino 200

Seaga Rubino 200

Seaga Rubino 200


Product Details

Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 24 in
Width: 18 in
Depth: 21 in
Weight: 101 lbs

A completely automatic and space saving machine the Rubino is stylish and compact that is perfect for offices and small locations.

A selection of 8 beverages with freshly ground coffee for each cup the machine holds up to 196 cups. It can be supplied with a cabinet , available in different versions, giving this machine the versatility for payment systems to be used.

Connection to mains or conversion to tanks this machine is easy to use, easy to maintain that is a perfect office solution.


Automatically dispenses cups, sugar and stirrers or set to No Cup option
Paperless fresh brew and/or espresso coffee dispensing from ground coffee or coffee beans thanks to Saeco TTT
TwinTasteTech brewing unit
Compatible with all industry standard payment systems
Adjustable 6 grams to 10 grams
DEX Compatible
Will dispense products up to 10 ounces
Customizable settings


Product type Espresso from coffee bean and instant products
Technology Fully automatic machine: Automatic dispensing of cups, sugar and stirrers
Advised for Small locations - Offices
Cups (4 in) 196
Stirrers: 180
Number of selections: 8
Number of preselections: 4
Coffee bean container: 1
Instant product container: 3
Sugar container: 1
Number of Grinders: 1
Disc mixer 2
Water supply standard: standard: water supply optional: independent water tank kit
Display 2-line, 20-character alphanumeric display
Keyboard Direct access 8-button keypad for beverage selection
Power supply: 230 V / 50 HZ
Power consumption: 1250 W
Independent water tank: 20 l (kit)
Boiler Espresso: Brass
Coffee Group Saeco Brewing Unit: top quality espresso, easy cleaning and maintenance
Brewing unit .25 - .32 oz