Revol Crumpled Tumblers

Revol Crumpled Tumblers

Revol Crumpled Tumblers


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Espresso Tumbler:
Height: 2.5 in
Diameter: 2.5 in

Cappuccino Tumbler:
Height: 3.5 in
Diameter: 3.5 in

Revol Crumpled Cups look like disposable plastic cups, except they're made from durable French porcelain. Aside from coffee and tea, these will also make soups and desserts look very fine indeed.

Dutch conceptual artist Rob Brandt first created the Crumpled Cup in a more delicate form in the 70s. Revol Cups are a tougher stronger latterday version which can go from freezer to fridge to oven to table without harm.

Revol is an 11th generation 220 year old family porcelain company based in the Rhone Valley. The unique nature of the local soil results in porcelain which is cadmium and lead free. This in combination with extremely high temperature firing creates products which are non-porous so they won't absorb odors or bacteria.

Greenie points : Revol heat their factories with the leftover heat from their kilns.


  • Made in France

  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe

  • Available in 100 ml espresso size , 250ml cappuccino size