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Wherever customers, staff, and visitors can enjoy superlative coffee, the atmosphere is relaxed, communicative and productive. Anyone who appreciates the finer things in life, a wide choice of specialty coffees and aesthetics will love the WE8. A water tank with a 3 l holding capacity, a bean container for 500 g of coffee beans and a coffee grounds container with a capacity of 25 portions make the elegant professional coffee machine the ideal solution for locations where around 30 specialty coffees are consumed per day. Innovative technologies revolutionize the enjoyment of coffee. The One-Touch function creates trend specialties like latte macchiato, flat white or cappuccino very simply at the touch of a button. Buttons on the front of the machine and a modern TFT display make operation incredibly simple even for inexperienced users.


JURA Standards
Variable brewing chamber 5 - 16 g
 Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.) Yes
Intelligent preheating Yes
Attribute High-performance pump, 15 bar  1
Thermoblock heating system  1
Fluid system  1
Monitored drip tray Yes
Maintenance status display Yes
Integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling program Yes
Adjustable water hardness Yes
One or two cups of espresso in one brewing operation Yes
JURA hygiene: Tܖ-certified Yes
Filter cartridge CLARIS Pro Smart / CLARIS Smart
 Zero-Energy Switch or power switch Classic

Number of products  12
Products 1 ristretto
2 ristretti
1 espresso
2 espressi
1 coffee
2 coffees
1 cappuccino
1 latte macchiato
1 Flat White
1 portion of milk
Hot water
ground coffee
Hot water function 3 levels
Additional preground coffee powder Yes
1 latte macchiato 1 min. 26 sec.
1 cappuccino  56 sec.
coffees 1 min.
2 espressi 45 sec.
2 ristretti 30 sec.
Hot water (200 ml / 7 oz.) 45 sec.

Compatible with J.O.E® Yes
Smart Connect compatible Yes
Grinder type AromaG3 grinder
Number of grinders 1
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) Yes
Powder chute for ground coffee Yes
Powder recognition for an additional ground coffee variety Yes

Settings and programming options
 Programmable amount of water Yes
Amount of water can be adjusted for each preparation Yes
Programmable coffee strength in levels 8
Coffee strength can be adjusted for each preparation Yes
Programmable brewing temperature 2
Amount of milk foam programmable Yes
Hot water temperature can be programmed in levels 3
Programmable amount of hot water Yes
Resettable day counter Yes
Programmable switch-off time Yes
Shows the number of preparations for each individual product  Yes
Integrated milk system rinsing and cleaning programme Yes
Automatic milk rinse Yes
Remaining time display  Yes

Design and materials
 Display  TFT color display
Height-adjustable coffee spout  65 - 111 mm
 Height-adjustable cappuccino spout  107 - 153 mm
Hot-water spout  Yes
Height-adjustable hot water spout  107 - 153 mm
Cappuccino Frother  Fine foam frother
Connector System©  Yes
Cup illumination  Amber
Sound design  Yes


Areas of use and recommended maximum daily output
Recommended maximum daily output  30
Areas of use Own usage
Service provider


In figures
Water tank capacity  3 L
Coffee grounds container (servings) 25
Numbers of bean containers 1
The capacity of bean container with aroma preservation cover 500 g
Cable length 1.1 m
Voltage 220 - 240 V ~
Current 10 amp
Frequency 50 hz
Power 1450 Watt
Accounting systems compatible
Stand-by power  0 Watt
Weight 10 kg
Width  29.5 cm
Height 41.9 cm
Depth 44.4 cm
Article Number 15091