WMF Front Loader Cooler

WMF Front Loader Cooler

WMF Front Loader Cooler


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Height: 14 in
Width: 9 in
Depth: 22 in

Is used with 1300, 1400, 2000S, Bistro! 1 step

Refrigerated milk cooler using compressor technology to hold 1 gallon jug and 1- 1/2 gallon jug in their original containers. Glass door and polished stainess sides compliment the 1400 or Bistro perfectly. Access is via the front.

Either 1 Gallon or 1 Gallon and 1- 1/2 Gallon of milk (with 1 milk type) can be stored hygienically. The ideal solution to save counter space. Milk is supplied directly from the cooler to the 1-Step espresso machine via the milk hose. The cooler uses reliable compressor technology.


Frontloader refrigerator
Compressor technology
1 milk type
1.7 gallon tank or 1 + 1/3 gallong jug
Compatible with 1300, 1400, 2000S, & Bistro!