**SALE** Froth Express - White**SALE**

**SALE** Froth Express - White**SALE**

**SALE** Froth Express - White**SALE**


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Capresso Froth Express
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Pictured in Black

The only automatic hot milk frother that delivers frothy hot milk and hot chocolate in seconds! It's fast... it's easy... it's safe and... it's fun!

  • Safety Steam Button.

  • Child Safety. When "frother assembly" is detached from machine, steam output is automatically blocked off.

  • Adjustable milk temperature (120° to 170°F).

  • Stainless Steel ThermoBlock (no water or steam come in contact with aluminum).

  • Thermostat keeps system in stand-by for immediate frothing.

  • 1220 Watt power for continuous action.

  • Removable water container for easy filling.

  • Can process up to 30 oz. of milk without refilling water container.

  • Great for producing hot, frothy chocolate.

  • On/Off and Thermostat indicator lights.

  • Complete with external milk container.

  • Easy to clean frother assembly.