Astoria Perla SAE 3

Astoria Perla SAE 3

Astoria Perla SAE 3


Product Details

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Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 22 in
Width: 40 in
Depth: 22 in
Weight: 192 lbs

ASTORIA has developed a full line of espresso machines suitable for various market demands. Everyone will find the perfect Astoria machine among all the models, from the old fashioned lever to the new superautomatic.


  • Engineered with the latest features in terms of ergonomics and ease to use

  • 4 different coffee dosages from each brewing head

  • Equipped with independent semi-automatic override switches

  • Easy to program electronic controls for volumetric dosage of water

  • Built-in adjustable rotary vane pump

  • Quiet, water-cooled 1/5 hp electric motor

  • Automatic water filler, see-through water level glass

  • High output multidirectional stainless steel wands with antiburning sleeves

  • Dual setting main switch to power the heating element

  • Equipped with heat exchangers

  • Thermocompensated group heads with preinfusion technology

  • Electric cup warmer.

  • Connecting hoses, rechargeable water softener and three portafilters

  • Specifications:

    Cup Height: 5-3/4 in(Group Head to tray)
    Boiler Capacity: 18 qts
    Frame Construction: Electroplated steel assembled without welding
    Outer Body: Baked Enamel Stainless Steel
    Steam Wands: Stainless Steel
    Heating Element: 5000 W