Astoria Steamer AL 1

Astoria Steamer AL 1

Astoria Steamer AL 1


Product Details

Astoria Steamer AL/1 See All Steamers

Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 19 in
Width: 18 in
Depth: 21 in
Weight: 78 lbs

Powerful unit engineered to produce dry steam in quantity and without interfering with the coffee brewing of your espresso machine. The Steamers also have a hot water tap that can be easily converted to accomadate a milk frother or a second steam wand.

Technical Data:

Boiler Capacity: 7 qts
Frame Construction: Galvanized Steel
Steam Wands: Stainless Steel
Sides, Rear Panels: Brushed, Stainless Steel
Voltage, Single Phase, 60 Cycle 110V
Amps Rating: 18 Amps
Element Wattage: 2000 W
Electrical Cord Length: 6 ft
Maximum clearance for pitcher: 20.5 in
The Steamers are equipped with an automatic water filler device and a pressure gauge.

Note: the steamers do not include water pump and therefore must be connected to direct water.