Saeco Syntia SS

Saeco Syntia SS

Saeco Syntia SS


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Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 13 in
Width: 10 in
Depth: 17 in
Weight: 20 lbs

Saeco Syntia innovative technology guarantees pure espresso enjoyment. The Syntia combines high-end functionality with sleek design. Front access to all features allows it to fit wherever it's most convenient for you. Short or long coffee with one touch, your favorite drink preferences are easily stored with the memo option made simple with the wide display and its self-explanatory icons.

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Syntia Focus
Syntia SS
Syntia Cappuccino
Compare the different versions:

Syntia Focus: Features an LED display with 9 different icons to help easily identify functions of the machine. Black finish.

Syntia SS: Features a tri-colored display on the LCD to identify functions. Stainless steel finish.

Syntia Cappuccino: Features an integrated milk carafe froths milk directly into cup. Stainless steel finish.


  • Air tight coffee bean hopper with anti-UV coating

  • Adjustable built-in ceramic disc grinder with automatic shut-off

  • Pre-ground bypass coffee doser

  • Adjustable doser regulates amount of ground coffee for each cup

  • Adjustable dispensing head

  • Programmable pre-brewing cycle

  • Easily removable brew group for chemical free cleaning

  • Large metal drip tray holds cups and is removable

  • Removable 40 oz water tank comes fitted for optional Intenza water filter

  • Rapid Steam technology ensures no wait between frothing and brewing

  • Steam/hot water knob

  • Compact design

  • Specifications:

    1400 W / 120 V