La Cimbali M100 Attiva GTA DT2

La Cimbali M100 Attiva GTA DT2

La Cimbali M100 Attiva GTA DT2


Product Details

The La Cimbali M100 Attiva

Our M100 has consistently been the symbol of LaCimbali coffee espresso. It is a machine that combines elegance and high performance in a natural way. Today, the M100 range has been intended to modify the standards of a whole class and to make ready for another age of expert machines. The new model elements enhancements to its plan, thermal system, ergonomics, and interface (touch or buttons), while offering diverse customization prospects. Everything has been done to work on baristas' experience of utilizing the new M100 Attiva and to consistently empower them to offer an astounding beverage.

GTA: Volumetric control + Independent boiler/group head temperature control

The GTA system allows you to set the precise temperature of each boiler/group head independently. This allows you to set the ideal extraction temperature for a given coffee roast on separate group heads. The system also lets you program a wide range of espresso extraction times, letting you customize for short and long drinks.


Key Features

Multi-boiler - set three independent temperatures for the steam boiler, the brew boiler, and the saturated group head

Cool touch steam wand - Allows the barista to froth the milk in jars of any size. The cold-touch system also avoids burns and facilitates cleaning.

Pre-infusion chamber, with control - pre-infuses the coffee cake at a lower pressure for efficient, consistent extraction; adjustable for barista’s control

Volumetric Control - 4 programmable volumetric controls per group for a simple and consistent workflow

Patented Smart Boiler software - improves steam performance by 30%

Enhanced interface with OLED display and buttons - easier, repeatable settings that adjust on the fly

Grind System (Bluetooth) - able to wirelessly sync to compatible grinder/doser which makes automatic grind corrections on the fly

Auto clean functionality - automate backflushing

Tall cup design with retractable trays for espresso (GTA)


Installation Requirements

Professional installation required
208-240V outlet - see manual instructions
Water filtration - see manual instructions
Pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is too high - see manual instructions
We’re happy to advise on any of the above requirements



Manufacturer: La Cimbali
Boiler Type Preheated Multi-Boiler
Number of group heads 2

Steam Boiler Capacity 10 lt

Length (in): 32.7”

Depth (in): 22.3" 

Height (in): 22.9”

Voltage: 220-240V

Amperage: 27-30

Wattage: 6100-7100

Weight 196 lbs