La Cimbali M200 Profile DT2

La Cimbali M200 Profile DT2

La Cimbali M200 Profile DT2


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Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 516 mm
Width: 887 mm
Depth: 649 mm
Weight: 70 kg
Finish: Stainless Steel - Silver


Electrical Requirement: 208-240V
Wattage: 6,2 - 7,4 KW

The M200 is the result of a multi-year research project. A process of collective genesis involving the contribution of engineers and production technicians, baristas and sensory scientists, brand managers and industrial designers, resulting in an unprecedented machine. 

The designer Valerio Cometti has harmonised the different contributions in an iconic form, a fluid expression of the forces at work and the gestures in action. The new M200 is a three-dimensional representation of a renewed relationship between increasingly attentive baristas and their customers, who are increasingly eager to discover and appreciate high-quality coffee. A machine designed to take the sensory experience to its fullest expression. From our origins towards the future, aiming for perfection.                                                                                                                            

Cold Touch Steam Wands 2
Hot Water Wand 1
Hot Water Selections 3
Boiler Capacity 7 L
Coffee Boilers 2
Boiler Capacity 600 cc
Boiler Heater 1300 W