Our Policies

Your satisfaction is very important to us. If for any reason, you are having challenges or displeasure with your purchased items, please contact us and we can assist you with the items, or organize a return for your purchase.

General Purchase & Returns Policies

Please understand the following regarding returns of purchased items:

Sales of certain products, such as espresso machines and electronic component parts are final, with no returns permitted in the terms of purchase. These items are not eligible for return.

This is clearly documented in our policies digitally and in an easy to see, conspicuous place at our showroom for your consideration.

All returns will only be accepted within the first 10 days of the date of the original purchase or the original documented date of shipment receival.

No returns will be accepted and/or refund provided for any goods in the event the customer has used the merchandise or goods in any manner. All returned merchandise or goods must be returned in the original box with original packing materials.

No refund will be provided for original shipping related costs of the order from our office to your requested ship-to destination.

The purchase refund will reflect the amount of the original purchase price with a 25% restocking fee applied to the refund's value.

For example, for a purchase of $42, a 25% restocking fee of $10.50 would be applied, thus, an amount of $31.50 would be refunded to the client for the returned purchase.

Any returns made to Espresso RMI LLC must have a documented, authorized Return Authorization Number (RAN) submitted with the package. This RAN is received by calling or e-mailing our office to document the case of the purchase return.

This RAN will be approved by our support team (and only can be approved by our team) and then provided to you for your return processing.

No returns will be accepted for any purchased items without an authorized RAN issued by the Espresso RMI LLC. office.

If returned by mail, the return package must have the RAN clearly marked on the outside of the box.

Upon final inspection of returned goods (with the issued RAN), a final approval and or denial will be determined for the amount of the customer's refund. The refund value is by no means guaranteed until the contents of the order return are inspected and reviewed for damages or issues.

All approved returns and refunds will be solely issued by Espresso RMI LLC. .

Shipping Requirements for Purchase Returns:

Any and all purchase-return shipping, packing and freight costs incurred are solely at the customer's expense, including the purchasing of return freight insurance in the amount of customer's original purchase price.

The customer is responsible for packing and returning the merchandise in a manner that qualifies for their chosen return freight insurance policy.

Espresso RMI does not accept responsiblity whatsoever for any loss, such that if any of the purchased order contents marked for return are lost and or damaged in any manner while being returned, such loss will not be considered the responsibility of the business.

If loss or damages should occur while order return contents are being shipped to the Espresso RMI LLC office site, the customer must look solely towards their freight insurance policy with the carrier that they have chosen and purchased or suffer the loss.

The customer is solely responsible to file for any damages and/or loss claims for merchandise or product being returned with their chosen return freight insurance policy and freight shipper.

Eligible orders for return which have received an issued RAN should be mailed to the following address at our office site:

Espresso RMI LLC.
ATTN: Order Returns
9039 Vantage Point Drive,
Dallas TX, 75243

Pricing, Freight, and Shipping Charges and Policies:

All pricing of merchandise on If You Love Coffee.com is subject to availability and price changes.

Any pricing listed as "$0.00" means you need to call for current price and availability.

All freight charges will be added to customers purchase total and/or adjusted to customers purchase total amount, regardless if the check out cart reflects no freight or zero freight amounts when the customers order is placed online.

Please understand that this is due to a constant variation in shipping prices that cannot be accurately and consistently automatically generated. In such cases, a service representative will reach out to you following a purchase or communication request to review freight shipping costs on a per case basis.


Most ordered items will ship within 24-48 hours; transit time will be as per provided by the shipping carrier.

We do not guarantee transit time for purchased orders. We rely solely on the carrier's reported estimated time for shipping.

Expedited shipping is available with additional charges for freight made to the customer purchase.

Espresso RMI will not ship orders to P.O. Box addresses.

In the case of returns, please see the in-depth policy below.


The customer is responsible for inspecting the package and merchandise for damages. Do not use items or equipment if they arrive damaged.

The customer must report freight damages to Espresso RMI LLC within 24 hours of order receipt.

The customer must call in the freight claim and report any damages within two business days.

Please call us at 800-261-3265 to report any freight damages, then call the freight carrier (UPS: 800-742-5877).

The customer is responsible for any return shipping and/or freight charges if a return authorization is issued.

International Shipping:

All shipments going out of the contiguous United States are considered to be international shipments.

All payment for international purchases must be made via wire transfers, and wired funds must be received prior to any shipment to customer and/or released for shipping to the customer.

All international shipments are classifed as FOB (Freight On Board) with respect to our warehouse, and must have their shipment arranged by the customer and/or their respective international freight broker.

If you have any questions at all regarding these policies, please feel free to contact up through any of our communication channels so we may discuss your inquiries. We understand that these policies can be long winded, and are written with the intention of protecting our business, and thus, we are happy to explain them plainly to you upon request.